Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's About Time

Finally, after promises and ‘evolving,’ President Barack Obama announced his support for same sex marriage; although he did not go as far as declare a national referendum on the matter.

It’s about time.

We are a nation of hypocrites. We claim to believe everyone is equal but we still have yet to pass an Equal Rights Amendment after nearly 40 years of coming up to vote – year after year.
Now, the time has come – forced by the Vice President Joe Biden announcing his support of same sex marriage on “ Meet the Press” over the past weekend. I watched the show and didn’t feel like it would create the outcry it has – especially by Gay Republicans who are pissed it took President Obama so long.

With this being an election year, the matter wasn’t supposed to be discussed until closer to November, but Biden pushed the issue to the forefront. Good for him, too. Not like a lot of white men lawmakers are jumping on the boat, but the national secretary of education also came out in favor later on last Sunday.

So, the issue is out there. It is only fair.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made racial discrimination illegal. It should have been updated years ago to firmly spell out that any discrimination against any other human is illegal.

However, there is still some question about how the nation’s highest court would rule on the issue. The last time the Supreme Court considered anything close was in 2003, when it ruled 5-4, to overrule an earlier decision regulating private sexual conduct for consenting adults. As he dissented, Justice Anthony Scalia, reportedly, said they were “largely signing on to the so-called homosexual agenda."

Isn’t about time we ensure everyone in America is treated equally?

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