Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ryan Budget is a Slap in our Faces

As The White House put it House Republicans  “stacked the deck against the middle class," by approving Ryan budget that gives millionaires an average $150,000 tax cut, creates more breaks for Wall Street managers and preserves giveaways to oil companies.

Just another example of how the "establishment" turns a blind eye and deaf ear to the millions of Americans struggling to keep food on the table and afford the gas to get to work.

Names for Rep. Paul Ryan the budget also makes radical discretionary cuts across the board. By 2014, more than nine million students will see Pell Grants fall by as much as $1,100, and about 900,000 students would lose their grants altogether, it is estimated.  Clean energy programs would be cut nearly 20 percent, Head Start would offer 200,000 fewer slots per year, and critical medical research and science programs would see drastic cuts. 

It is imperative we call our Senators and ensure they put a stop to this biased, unbalanced budget that is a direct hit to the 99 percent of Americans who fall under the top 1 percent who control and attain all the wealth. 

Meanwhile President Barak Obama has offered a balance plan that will reduce our deficit by more than $4 TRILLION by asking the 1 percent pay their fair share. It also enacts responsible spending cuts and will help bring economic security back to the middle class and seniors.

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